History of Sunnice

Founded in 2000, Sunnice is a Malaysian jewelry brand that manufactures, supplies and retails high quality and beautifully designed jewelry at affordable prices. We have always believed that every person has an inner beauty; all we do is intensify that shining aspect with modern and classic styles that carry timeless elegance with an edge.

At Sunnice, we define Beauty not only from jewelry design but also from the way it is made. We believe that the most beautiful jewelry shines best when they are made ethically. Sunnice ensures that we take care of the earth that provides the crystals, gems, and metals; the human hands that craft the bounty of Nature into works of art; and the customers that adorn and care for these works of art to make each other shine brighter together. Our commitment in delivering such beauty have lead us to pay meticulous attention to the quality of each product, starting from raw material sourcing to product manufacturing and workmanship. The entire production flow is wholly controlled in-house to upkeep our promise of high quality at affordable prices without compromising ethical business conduct.

Sunnice’s objective is to continue its pursuit of excellence and to manufacture incomparable products at comparable prices. We believe that jewelry can be a common ornament of daily life, thus we strive to make every product affordable for everyone.

In 2008, Sunnice expanded to China with stores in Guangzhou and Shengzhen. Continuing the success, Sunnice further expanded to U.S in 2017 and established a new brand, VIZ New York, in 2018.

Invest in Fashion. Invest in Quality.

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