How To Take Care of SN Jewelry

VIZ jewerly is designed and crafted with the utmost care so that you take pride in saying “This is my VIZ.” We’ve recommended a few simple steps to help keep your VIZ jewelry shines bright every time the sun rises.

  • Use a soft cloth and polish regularly to clean and shine your jewelry.
  • Always store each piece separately.
  • Apply beauty products such as hairspray or perfume before wearing your jewelry because chemicals in these products may effect the finish.
  • If your jewelry requires further cleaning, use a mild soap, water and a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and pat dry. We suggest using a polishing cloth for high-end pieces.
  • If necessary, please use a soft toothbrush to clean crystals.
  • Before storing your Sun Nice please make sure your jewelry is completely dry.
  • Always remove your jewelry before coming into contact with water such as bathing or doing household chores or when using abrasive cleaners.


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