Return-Recycle-Recraft Policy


What is the Return-Recycle-Recraft (RRR) policy?

Return: We hold a strong commitment to our products, not only for its purific quality, but to the expert craftsmanship and trend setting designs. We want you to wear what you love, and love what you buy. But style is an evolution and so are our designs. We encourage you to stay on your style game without investing big sums by recycling your retired pure silver jewelry for one from our newest collection. Whatever the condition of your jewelry is in, dented, tarnished, broke or scratched from regular wear and tear, or you simply feel like upgrading your closet, just return us your worn pure silver jewelry and we will give you a 30% off coupon for your next pure silver jewelry purchase.

Recycle:  We don’t believe in mining more and more precious metals and wasting them when you want to retire them. We hate seeing piles of unworn jewelry sitting in corners and seeing them tarnish or even rust. We want to help you keep your closet simple and clean and we want to minimize waste. We will take your returned pure silver jewelry and recycle it by melting it and re-purifying it.

Recraft: After melting and purifying the metal, we ensure your precious metal is in the hands of our most skillful jewelry craftsmen. We will recraft the silver and give a new life to it. While we encourage renewal and would like to keep up with fashion’s turnaround pace, recycling your jewelry helps you and us to enjoy the trendiness of fast fashion without scarifying natural resources and the planet. We welcome your ideas for the next best design.

Invest in Fashion. Invest in Quality. Invest in Earth.

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