V!Z was born from a mission to create a new sustainable jewelry industry. Responsibility-driven, we are the first fine fashion jewelry company that incorporates recycling service for our products. We pioneer in using pure precious metal that are much more skin-friendly and can be recycled and reused. We also provide a lifetime return program that gives you credit for helping the earth to reduce waste by recycling your worn jewelry. We are the ethical minimalist providing eco-friendly jewelry/doing the eco-friendly work for you and keeping you in fashion. Our products are made from Pure Passion and Pure Intention to make the world a better place.



There are a few main issues with the current jewelry industry:

  • Fine jewelry sold by big brands are highly marked up.
  • Fashion jewelry made with alloys plated with gold or white gold do not last and can cause skin allergies.
  • Fast fashion behaviour has also increased the consumption of fashion jewelry and created a cycle of consumption and waste like never before.
  • Jewellery is not collected as part of your household recycling collection, therefore the ways for you to get rid of your unwanted jewelry is either donate it, or go through the hassle of selling it to someone or to a local second-hand store that says “We buy gold”. But selling away does not always give you the best value because what the buyer cares about is flipping to sell at higher price. Moreover, selling it away is merely an act of transferring goods from one hand to another but it does not decrease the total amount of waste in this world which is not actually recycling it and helping the earth.

We understand the modern lifestyle is about staying minimum and free, and we want to help you to stay minimum by recycling your unwanted jewelry and giving it a new life in the most simple, direct and honest way. We found the best way to make this possible is to craft the jewelry using the purest material so that it can be melted and recrafted easily without creating waste. With the support of our sister company, Sunnice, that has two decades of manufacturing experience, we partnered with the best group of highly-skilled craftsmen who knows the traditional method of making jewelry out of pure silver (99.9% pure). Pure silver is soft in nature, but with the right weight and right design, we are able to achieve quality above par.

We’re going to prove that jewelry can, and should, be made sustainable. Starting right here, with The Power of Pure.


The Power of Pure Bracelet is:

  1. Eco-friendly. Made with 100% recyclable and reusable material.
  2. Guaranteed for life access to our Return-Recycle-Recraft Program that gives you money back for helping the earth to recycle old jewelry while helping you to stay on top of fashion without collecting too many stuff at home. Stay minimum. Help the Earth.
  3. Sustainable fashion designed to lead an industry trend towards protecting our natural resources and environment by making products that are pure, recyclable and reusable.
  4. Handcrafted by artisans who have been partners of our sister company for a decade, providing the best quality sold over million pieces, underlining trust, authenticity and reliability.
  5. Ethically made in urban Shenzhen that enforces strict pay standards, health insurance, social security, transparent, quality and safe work environment. Employees first!
  6. Crafted out of pure solid silver- 99% to 99.9% pure. This ensures both recyclable and incredibly authentic concentration of precious metal that reduces your chance of getting skin allergies.
  7. Value you deserve created by cutting out more than $300 of pointless branding retail markups and delivering The Power of Pure direct to you at honest value.
  8. Real jewelry valuable for generations without breaking your bank. Wear it with confidence and pride.
  9. Powerful metal with healing properties that has been used dating back to ancient Greece and ancient China. Traditional method in modern style.
  10. Made from Pure Passion and Pure Intention to make the world a better place.
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